Special Event Temporary Rental Fence

Temporary Rental Fence for Crowd Control

We have over 9 years putting together many different kinds of special events. Our experience combined with our selection of temporary rental fence material, we can help put any event together. Marathons, Festivals, Concerts, Sporting Events, etc… See some of our event installations here.

Using Temporary Fence Material for Events

Our Special Events rental product line includes several forms of crowd control fence used on a temporary application.  Portable fence panels come in 4′ 6′ & 8′ heights. Four-foot panels to section off areas or guide guests where you want them. 6-foot chain link panels to line the perimeter. 8-foot temporary fence provides extra security. Privacy screen or windscreen is available to keep equipment hidden, use of backstage & stage wings, medical staff, paid shows or just better appearance.  Most all rental fence applications are installed floating above ground on floating bases however support posts or sandbags can be added for extra support.

Crowd Control Barricades

Crowd Control Barricades – (bicycle bike rack)

Height – 42″
Length – from 6-1/2′ to 8′ long
Commonly used for athletic events because we use the flat style of feet.  However these have endless use because they are the simplest form of a temporary event fence. They can be used as a stand-alone 1 piece or linked together to form hundreds or thousands of feet.  Keep your event paths safe & controlled knowing you have a secure boundary set so people can’t just pass through.  Our service includes delivery, rental, installation & removal of all material per contract terms.  Cost will vary, we can provide the delivery if your staff would like to install.